Build-a-Library: The New Baby Shower You Need to Throw

"Build-a-Library" Baby Shower InvitationsWhen my cousin, Erin, asked us years ago to make a set of "Build-a-Library" baby shower invitations for a shower she was throwing, we'd never heard of such a thing. Now these invitations and their sidekick, the bookmark favors, are some of our best-selling items.

Simply put, guests bring a copy of their favorite children’s book in lieu of a card, and sign their name with a message in the front cover. The baby gets a nice little base library to stock their bookshelves, and the guests’ messages of love live on in the books they brought, instead of being stashed in a shoebox of cards in the closet.

Bonus idea: gift the mom-to-be a new bookshelf with which to house the baby’s new library!

Check out (ha!) our “Build-a-Library” Baby Shower Invitations. And of course you’ll need bookmark favors, right? Got that covered as well!